Professional Graphics Made Easy

There’s a new tool coming out to the market next week that is going to help making graphics simple and easy.  The tool does vector based graphics which means you can blow up your image as big as a billboard and it won’t be pixelated at all.  The name of the tool is Designo Pro.

Designo Pro

Here’s what Designo Pro had to say about their new product:

Cloud design apps are the tools of the moment and there are many who are experimenting with this innovation. Being able to update them online instead of permanent storage in the local device is one of the best advantages of this app. One of the recent players in this field is Designo Pro. They are offering a breakthrough cloud app that claims to help you edit images and graphics in impressive quality with the help of designs that are modern vector-based. So. let’s see what they offer and how it works.

Designo Pro is a fantastic cloud-based software, that lets you edit graphics and images, including banners, logos, and box covers. It works with an incredible simplicity and also an amazing sophisticated twist, which is in just a moment, that really sets it apart it comes with hundreds of drag-and-drop templates.

It’s more like Adobe Illustrator, which is often used to create logos or anything that may be needed to be printed or displayed in differing sizes. But in this case, without the higher price tag, now designer will convert for all types of lists as all major function. And your customers can use our software to instantly get all their designs done for them.

Designo Pro comes with hundreds of pre-loaded templates so everything is dead simple. Our designs are absolutely gorgeous that means
It takes care of a huge pain point of our marketplace your subscribers won’t need to pay for graphics and they won’t need to pay for design work. They won’t need to download anything cumbersome on their computer. We’ve got a ton of unique features too unlike anything else on the market right now.

Unique Features of Designo Pro

Stunning One-Click Templates
Banners Creation & Customization
It’s web based and all cloud hence, can be accessed anywhere in the world supported with internet connection
Charming Drop And Drag Editor
You can even upload a template of your choice.
present-day vector-based model
the product is accompanied with over 200 templates (pre-made)
Designo Pro is web-based it’s all cloud you can access it anywhere in the world, all you need is an internet connection.The first thing you’ve to do in Designo Pro are three simple steps select a template then edit selected template and export it to printable infinite resolution. Here You can see a Designo Pro Review

Designo Pro Custom GraphicsThere is a huge list of categories like infographics, flyers banners, cartoons, book covers buttons and more. Just browse in these categories to explore some amazing designs. The unique thing about designer are the gorgeous templates. Most importantly these are all in vector, it means that these can be exported for printable and full HD resolution, without losing any quality. Whatsoever so, once you are done selecting your design just click on it and take it to the designer editor.

Once you are in designer there are infinite possibilities to what you can do you could play with texts, interact with objects, choose between colors, convert the design suited for your business and the best part that you could do all this stuff regardless of your technical skills. you see in such a way we created designer that you don’t need to pay those expensive designers anymore.

You can add any image from your computer just pressing the import image button drag and drop to adjust the image position and size. It’s really impressive that you could directly select any object and change its color to whatever you want with that ease and you could also well use the eyedropper tool to select a specific color on the canvas objects. So just select an object click on the eyedropper tool and click on whatever color you want designer really makes things simpler for everybody.

Just a few clicks drag and drop and you’re done you could also save the project in case you want to save your work for future use and load it whenever you need to resume the work from where you left off there’s a wide range of pre-built icons and shapes in the Designo Pro. So that you don’t have to bother for these what little things at all just click on a shape and click and drag now there’s an interesting feature you can import your vector designs as well just click import image button and add your SVG vector file a lot of you have those now, this is part of the design and completely editable just double-click on the imported design to edit it further.

If you want to add custom text, definitely you can click on the text tool and click on the canvas and add your custom text and drag it there and change the color to something darker you can see for yourselves it’s very simple you can adjust the order of the elements by just selecting them and pressing right-click you can send them anywhere you want front back your choice you could also do it from the top adjust order option.

There’s an option to share your design to Facebook from here you could go back to the template selection and of course the shortcut keys are there to help you out now once you are done with the design just click project and click export PNG and there you go that is your full HD resolution design ready to be used. Export it to a printable infinite resolution.Click on the extended list of categories, browse from the huge list of designs, click on the selected design and take it to the designer editor.

You can now do a plethora of things like, play with text, choose covers, interact with objects and create high-quality images with the several options available. Save the image and edit in future if required.


~Easy to use by even those who have no technical skills
~Works with Vectors and not with pixels offering superior graphic quality.
~Helps create customized logos in just two clicks. You can also create customized banners and even edit them.
~Designs are automatically exported in stunning HD quality.
~Easy to create professional designs.
~An intuitive editor that allows easy drag and drop function.
~Help you download the image in just one simple click.
~Offers access to many high-quality inbuilt designs and effects to make your design look so professional that you do not need a professional designer.
~Comes with an interactive website that demonstrates the process via videos and makes the entire process much smoother.
~Guarantees higher conversions for you with quality that claims to blow off the competition.


~No customer testimony for any proven success.
~No data as of now on how many people have been using it.
~Prices can be a bit lower to beat the competition.


If you want to create business fliers, posters, banners or logos with stunning image quality in just 1-click, DesignoPro can be a great alternative.